General Exhibitor Enquiries

I haven’t received my exhibitors manual.

An email is sent to you containing a link to the exhibitors manual along with a username and password. This email can often go into your junk file as most companies have strong firewalls on their email systems. If you have not received your manual after signing up to the event, please contact Chloe: cshannon@hamerville.co.uk. Your exhibitors manual contains every bit of information you need for the event as an exhibitor so it is very important it is accessed.


What’s included with my stand?

Shell scheme stands include the following: shell scheme, carpet, fascia boards & printed name boards. Space only stands do not include shell scheme or carpet. You can order carpet through your manual if required for space only stands.


When can I set up?

In your manual under essential information, scroll down to ‘Exhibition Timetable’ and this will tell you about all timings throughout the show from setup up, to show open and breakdown.


How do I order electrics for my stand?

Electrics aren’t included with your stand. You need to order electricity if you require it. This can be done through your manual. Click on essential information and scroll down to the subheading ‘Electricity’. In there you will find all the information on how to order electricity for your stand.


How do I hire furniture for my stand?

In your manual, click on essential information and scroll down to ‘Furniture’. This contains all the information you need to hire furniture.


Is there a scanner available?

Yes, we have a scanner app that you use on your phone. Under Forms and Deadlines, the last form labelled ‘Lead Capture Scanner App Form’ is where you can order a scanner app from. Once the form is filled out you will receive login details and instructions on how it works. Our accounts department will send an invoice for £99+VAT per show. You can use the app on as many devices as you like associated with your stand for the £99+VAT.


Is there an up-to-date floorplan?

Yes. Your sales contact or Chloe can send you an up-to-date floorplan whenever you need one so please ask if you need one.


Can I have more than one set of login details for the manual per company?

No. There is only one set of login details per exhibitor. If anyone requires access to your manual, please share your login details with them.


I registered for exhibitor badges but haven’t received anything.

We will have your registration on file if you have pre-registered via our exhibitors manual. You can collect your exhibitor badges from our registration area once you arrive at for set up on day two. Please ensure you register for exhibitor badges through your manual under essential information, this is the quickest way of getting your exhibitor badges.


Do I have to have Public Liability Insurance to exhibit?

Yes. Every exhibitor needs Public Liability Insurance of at least £5,000,000. Please email cshannon@hamerville.co.uk if you need advice on this.


Do I need a vehicle pass?

Yes. You will get a parking pass in the pre-show email that gets sent out to all exhibitors the week before the show builds.


Pre-show email.

The final email that you will receive will be your pre-show email. This contains all vital information about the exhibition. It is very important that it is read thoroughly and is passed on to all members of your team attending the exhibition including any contractors associated with your stand. Your exhibitors manual is where all show information you need as an exhibitor can be found. It is imperative you read through this manual once you have received your login details.


If you have any questions, please contact Chloe: cshannon@hamerville.co.uk.





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